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Basic search:

1. Select the type of the search from the search menu

Enter the search term/s in the provided field

Click the Search button to execute the search

Advanced search

You can open new search field/s for advanced search from the icon

You can use operators AND, OR and NOT to combine search terms and fields.

You can close the search field/s from the  icon

Types of search:

  • author (author, editor, other authors of the work): krauss rosalind, mcevilley thomas, sederholm helena, kuusamo altti

  • title (name of the book or article, or part of the title): arjen murtumia, hallen ja tivan tarina, turun taidemuseo 101, citizen artist, defining modern art

  • artist name: siukonen jyrki, clemente francesco, dürer albrecht, sipilä sulho

  • organization name (museums, frequent exhibitions, conferences, organizations) porin taidemuseo, biennale di venezia, viipurin taiteilijaseura, muu ry

  • journal name: art review, modern painters, taide, kaltio

  • subject keyword (in Finnish): omakuva, surrealismi, yleisö, identiteetti, performanssi

  • list of subject keywords: not yet available

  • series: nykytaiteen museon julkaisuja, taidehistoriallisia tutkimuksia, musta taide

  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) : 951-608-036-7 (if the search is not able to to find the volume with the hyphens, you can leave a space between numbers or write the numbers without space)

  • ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): 0284-7027, 1238-4712


Following search types are recommended to be used only with advanced search and/or search limits:

  • classification (verbal form of the classification used by the library, in Finnish) kuvataide; maalaustaide, kuvanveisto

  • geographical subject (in Finnish): Suomi, Ruotsi, Pohjoismaat, Ranska, Yhdysvallat, Japani

  • subject timing (subject timing of the contents of the publication with accurancy of a century or decade): 1400, 1700, 1900, 1930, 1980, 2000

  • location: Siff, Kiasma, Kons

Search limits

Click on the the filter search to limit your search.

  • Publishing year: before, exact, after, between

  • Language: you can select more than one language with CTRL + mouse click

  • Type of publication: arcticle (searches only articles), book + exhibition publication (searches only "books"), exhibition publication + list of artworkst (searches only publications related to an exhibition)

You can remove search limits by clicking CTRL + mouse above the choice or by clicking the Reset button

By default the searches will focus on the library's own database and material. You can widen your search to the material of Bibliography of Finnish visual arts, which contains also material outside the library's own collection.

You can hide search limits by clicking
hide filters link.

Search results – Browsing and viewing references

  • search result opens to a list with summary records

  • the list of results can be sorted out by main entry, title, publishing year - ascending (the oldest first), publishing year - descending (the newest first) or by publication type

  • you can browse the search results from the 1,2,3... next links

  • you can open full record of one reference from the icon and close it from the icon

  • you can open full records of all search results from the Full record link and close them from Summary record link

  • if the publication is related to several subject persons you are able to see only the first nine, you can open the complete list of subject persons from the link Show all subject persons, and again close the list from the Hide subject persons link

  • if the publication contains articles you can open a list of them from the View articles link, and again close the list from the Hide articles link

  • from the list of articles you can move to a more specific information of a certain article or all articles (Fetch articles)

  • you can make a new search from a single reference with subject persons , other authors and organizations and subject keywords

Search results – Selecting and printing references

  • you can select a single reference from the list with icon to browse or to print

  • you can remove a single selction with icon

  • all references can be selected together from the Select all link

  • all selections (also separately selected) can be removed from the Unselect all link

  • you can select the references which you have opened to full records (see Search results - Browsing and viewing references) from the link Select all (open) link and remove your selection from the Unselect all (open) link

  • you can open the selected references to a new list from the Browse selected link

  • you can print the selected references from the Print selected link

  • you can print a single reference by selecting it from the list, printing it and then unselecting the selection

  • all references (without separate selecting) can be printed from the Print all link

  • print report opens in the browser to a new window and you can print the report with the browser's Print function

  • there are two types of print reports: short format will be printed when you select the part (summaries) from the Print command, long format will be printed when you select the Print... command

New search / Modify search

  • To start a new search click the Kirjav@ logo or new search link

  • You can modify your search with modify your search link


You can open settings from the settings link and hide settings from the hide settings link.

  • Search results per page: how many references are dispalyed per page, default is 10 results, maximum 50 results

  • View search hits: highlighting of search terms, default is that search terms are highlighted